IKRON Rehabilitation Center

IKRON provides employment and counseling services to the greater Cincinnati and Tri-State area. Services include interview preparation, work evaluation, job coaching and supported employment opportunities.

(513) 621 - 1117

Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health (GCBHS)

GCB’s Vocational Services assist adults with a severe mental health disorder and other barriers to self-sufficiency to experience employment in a supported work environment with a rehabilitative approach to develop work skills and address behaviors and needs presenting in the workplace.

(513) 354-5200 for general information

(513) 354-7555 for Open Access hours

Talbert House 

Talbert House Employment Services provides a variety of services to assist job seekers in finding meaningful employment. Trained Vocational Specialists understand the trends in employment and work together with individuals to evaluate their strengths, needs, preferences, and desires in order to develop a plan for success in the workplace.

(513) 281-CARE (2273)